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Don't worry about online internet trolls and those negative review sites that feed off of negatives. Elf Listings is a safe place to list your business or service for all to experience for themselves.
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Most directories have some sort of hostage policy included in the fine print when you list your business. Or they share your information with hundreds of other directories trying to make money on misery. We feel that if a directory is as great as it claims then simply remove the "verified" bad listings to an un-recommended section instead of engaging them and more directories need to promote healthy business promotions so we'll help lead by example. Our not recommended page is not promoted in any way and is not searchable through our main site. We don't promote bad business only good ones!

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is a place to list businesses and get an awesome online listing for free. Any verifiable local business is welcome to list on Elf Listings and have your business appear on search engines in no time at all. Our exclusive algorithm is  unlike any in the industry and provides safe and relevant information used by millions of consumers nationwide 24 hours a day.

Just The FACTS
One of the things that sets Elf Listings apart from other business directories is there's no sign up or registration required we'll know if your for real or not without making legitimate business owners and marketing professionals jump through hoops. We verify each business individually and only promote from within the U.S. based out of Gilbert, AZ with no hidden fees or sales pitch waiting on the other end. We just want to make sure we have your information correct and a good email to forward your customer request with no strings attached and no hidden fees and only the truest reviews.

Why Don't We Join The Review Game?
Our business is to promote business and we do that well, unlike traditional directories and some new one's that use negative reviews to extort money from business owners. Elf Listings provides a safe advertising platform - free of childish games and bullies.